Maria and I would want to thank you for making our dream come true - a custom home made for us. Now, after the lot grading job, we can finally tell friends and family that CRAWFORD HOMES built our humble abode. The day after I emailed Mr. Al, the crew did a good job grading the property. And I believe, that was the last major concern we had in the list before we plunged into the cold. The other little things we will deal with customer care. Our journey to get the house built from scratch became meaningful only when all the suggestions and prodding of our agent, Jeff, sank into us. Moreover, we forged a relationship with Jeff that was way better and heart warming compared to other homeowners of other home builders in the neighborhood. Jeff knows that the home Crawford built for us is where we will be until grow old. Jeff taught us the value of what and how a house would look good and its salability in the future. He taught us what "money per square foot " means. He accommodated our cultural additions to harmonize with the western way of house-building, i.e. the ORO-PLATA-MATA belief. You can ask Jeff what it is. Now, Maria and I agree that being in the industry since 1978, CRAWFORD is a name with a footprint in the industry. For all these and for whatever we missed to mention, they are all seen and felt in the tiny bungalow along Green Bank Road. God Bless you, Al, Jeff and Kaitlyn, and Crawford Homes. RAMON AND MARIA
Ramon Ceasar Claro
February 11, 2023 via Google