Crawford Homes Locally Owned and Operated by the Bashutski Family

We at Crawford Homes and HomeLife® Crawford Realty offer "The BEST of Both Worlds" New and Resale!

We have been building Saskatchewan since 1978!

Building your new home is more than just a matter of constructing four walls. It's an expression of who you are and what's important to you. At the heart of Crawford Homes you will find a commitment to family, affordability, quality and sustainability.

As a family owned and operated business right here in Saskatchewan, Crawford Homes had learned that the secret of success comes down to what’s important to you and your family. Understanding that everything Crawford Homes does is to provide a great home for their family and for your family. When you walk into owner Al Bashutski’s office, the first thing you see are pictures of his three grand children: Manni, Jasper and Stella. Al’s life has always revolved around providing the best for his family. This is reflected in the homes he builds. If you understand this about Al and his team, then you’ll agree that Crawford Homes is the best company to trust to build your new home.

Affordable, Custom Building
The intent at Crawford Homes has always been to provide great quality homes at an affordable price. That’s why Crawford Homes has become the recognized leader in the housing industry for over four decades. Using a vast network of experienced and talented tradespeople and suppliers enables Crawford Homes to plan and build into every home a superior craftsmanship and quality materials at a fraction of what it would cost if you built that home yourself. In other words, a custom-built home without an custom-built price tag attached to it.

Quality comes down to facts and intentions. And, the fact is that Crawford Homes builds a superior product. That’s why tradespeople in the industry have been quoted as saying that Crawford Homes is "simply the best". Crawford Homes’ intention is to increase customer satisfaction through better and more responsive customer care. Everyone who works with Crawford Homes strongly believes in and encourages a common sense and practical approach to building. Their goal is to educate every homeowner to make informed and smart choices, while taking the time to go over the details that need to be taken into consideration when building a quality home.

What is important to Crawford Homes is knowing that with every house they build, they have an enormous responsibility to the customer and also to the public at large. For that reason Crawford Homes was one of the first to lead building energy efficient home. Here in Saskatchewan and throughout Canada, Crawford Homes, was the leader on construction of government-approved R200 and Energy Star Homes.
By choosing to build a new, energy efficient home, the homeowner has made an investment not only to help the world reduce its carbon footprint, but also to save thousands of dollars in energy costs throughout the life time of the home. With energy costs slated to dramatically rise over the next decade, it makes sense to invest in an new, energy efficient home that will give you and your family maximum comfort at a fraction of the cost.

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