Peace of mind. No stress of timelines. Financial confidence.

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Guaranteed Sale Program

There are a number of scenarios on the road to homeownership. Particularly when contemplating a new home build:

1. Without a house or condo to sell, this is as easy as it gets!

Start fresh with a new mortgage and cash deposit.

2. You have a house or condo to sell, now things can get a little trickier…

a) You could list with a real estate professional and hope that your home sells in a timely manner to ensure that you do NOT have to stress about:

- moving dates: lining up possession of the new and old home, storage containers, short term rentals, etc.
- financing: carrying two mortgages, bridge financing - yikes!
- running the risk of having to forfeit your new home… you and your family form an emotional attachment to you new home during the build process and this would be a heartbreaking circumstance to endure.

b) You can list it your own: see # 2 above


3. You list it with a Crawford Homelife Real Estate professional using the Guaranteed Sales Program. We establish your current home’s ‘Guaranteed Sale Value’ (The actual cash value of your home purchased by Crawford Homes if it is not sold by the time your new custom build is complete).
We market your home, and if it doesn’t sell in time -

You move in to your new home.

Like we said - Peace of mind. No stress of timelines. Financial confidence.

Here's an example:

Joe and Cindy were owners of a great house in Regina. The couple approached Crawford Homes about a new build and asked about the Guaranteed Sale Program.
With the help of one of our HOMELIFE® Crawford Realtors, the home’s value was established at $260,000. The couple was guaranteed $246,000 (net after commission and taxes) from Crawford Homes Guaranteed Sale Program if their house did not sell by the time their custom build was complete.
Joe and Cindy visited their bank – and with the Guaranteed Sale Program agreement – and with that document were granted unconditional mortgage approval.
Once new home construction began, Joe and Cindy listed their existing house at $274,900 (just $14,900 above the appraised value). With a strong market, the bungalow was well-priced and received two offers within the first week. After a counter offer, the couple agreed to a sell price of $268,000. After commissions they netted $253,126 — an additional $7,126 over the Guaranteed Sale Program value. Joe and Cindy used this bonus money for a few new home upgrades and some stylish furniture.

How it works:

Crawford Homes’ Guaranteed Sale Program provides an opportunity to make the move from your existing home to your brand new Crawford home as seamless as possible.

Our Sales experts provide you with a market evaluation on your home to access value and comparables in order to determine list price, sell price and the guarantee price.
The Guarantee price is the projected sell price, less commissions and carrying costs. This is your net cash.
The Guarantee price is the ACTUAL amount that Crawford Homes will purchase your home from you in the event that it does not sell by the time your Crawford home is ready for you to move in.
The signed Guaranteed Sale Program Contract an agreement for purchase of your existing home by an agreed upon date and for an agreed price. This contract is necessary in most cases to get your unconditional mortgage approval for your new home.
Next we set up a marketing plan your home: Pricing, planning timelines, make staging suggestions and/or arranging for necessary improvements.
Next we list your house and sell ideally to match up with the end of your new home build.
Our goal is to sell your home promptly and for the price you want. We want to get you the best sell price for your home.
In the event that your home doesn’t sell by the time your New Home is ready.
You move in to your New Crawford Home!
without the worry of carrying two mortgages
without the hassle of lining up moving dates or bridge financing
The Guarantee contract is implemented. Crawford Homes purchases your existing house.
We’ll continue to market the home.
Our team will assess potential improvements that could to make it more sellable.
If we sell your house for more money within 60 days of the Guarantee Contract you still make that money, less our improvement costs (if any) and carrying costs. 

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