Nu-Fab Building Components Inc.

Nu-Fab Building Components Inc., has operations in Regina and Saskatoon. All-Fab has another four locations in Western Canada, making the All-Fab Group of Companies one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of building products, pre-fabricated buildings and ready to move homes in Canada. The All-Fab Group of Companies employees more than 300 full time staff. We have developed an excellent reputation for innovation and dependability since our inception in 1970. Nu-Fab offers a wide selection of building materials for contractors, pre-fabricated garage packages, as well as ready-to-move (RTM) and panelized homes for residential developments. With over thirty years of experience in building design, construction and material supply, we are a leader in the industry.
We only use the finest materials along with quality workmanship and state of the art manufacturing equipment. We provide a wide range of wood products including roof and floor trusses, dimensional lumber, sheet goods, finish products, i-joists, engineered posts, stairs, industrial packaging, panelized garages, house packages and ready-to-move homes.
Nu-Fab has had the pleasure of dealing with Crawford for the past 30 years.

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